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a netprov
(collaborative creative writing project)
April 6—April 30, 2020

Ye Premise

Having just completed the glorious epic saga, Ultimate Final Victory!, you have now returned home to deal with the aftermath: Fantasy Spoils.  Gone are the orcs, hobgoblins, and dragons. In their place, you must contend with your wounds, property damages, and ensuing lawsuits.  How will you deal with life here in Muddled Earth after the glorious quest? Are you hero enough to face your most daunting enemy: your own irritation? Because at the end of every epic quest, you will find fantasy spoils!

Fantasy Spoils is a new netprov set in a playful take on the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. However, rather than focusing on glorious bloody battles, this netprov focuses on the not-so-glorious.  

Where: Our platform: Discord, a favorite of gamers.

When: Starting April 6, and running through April.

“Thou owest the sum of 12 gold splonders for damage to Farmer Galorn’s chicken shacke where thou foughtest the angry troll.”

Ye Accountant

“We shall reimburse thee for only 85% of the potion that healed thy shoulder. The balance of 7 gold splonders must be paid by the 15th.”

Ye Insurancer

What Ye Heck is Netprov?

How to Play

To get started
Join our Fantasy Spoils Discord Server:

2) Invent your own Fantasy Spoils character

3) Write as your character in Discord channels #repairs, #lawsuits, #injury-recovery.

4) Respond to, and engage with, other characters. Weave narratives.

5) If you’re new to D&D — no worries! You can’t do it wrong! It’s just a Tolkien-esque, sword-&-sorcery, story world.

For More of a “D&D Experience”
6) Make a complete D&D character here:
(Suggested: Quick Build option)

7) Upload your character to Discord
!beyond <url for your character>)

8) Seek sacred guidance from “How Ye Story Goes,” below.

Ye Helpfulle Videos

What is
Dungeons & Dragons?

How to Create
a Character

How to Use Discord
to Play Fantasy Spoils

How to Run
a Camplain!

How Ye Story Goes


  • Introduce your character in the #character-introductions channel in Discord
  • Now tell us what happened during your last battle in the #season-1-recap channel

As you design your character, think about who they? What are their strengths? What were their heroic deeds?  And now ask, what was the cost?

Chapter the First
(write any time)

  • Write in one of the 3 main channels: #repairs, #recovery, #lawsuits. These are ongoing threads where you can write the day-to-day recovery progress and regress.
  • You try to take action to resolve your character’s problem . . . but it results in inconveniencing another character

Chapter the Second: The Camplaign!
(aim to write live with friends)

Are you ready to face a recovery monster? Time to go on a Camplaign!

  • Form an adventuring party
  • (If you are on a solo quest, go to the #bureau-of-camplains and announce your willingness to go on a misadventure!)
  • Choose one of the #open-camplain- channels to play in.
  • Have one of your party Volunteer to be the Drudgeon Master.
  • The Drudgeon Master will assign players an abstract monster to battle, and you and your party will seek out and battle this monster.  You will need to work as a team to defeat the monster.

Chapter the Third: Totaling Up the After Math

  • Post the aftermath.  What happened?

Ye Tips for Netprov Writers

Here are some ways of weaving ongoing stories amid the hubbub of Discord.

  • Think of having the characters of your adventure party describe their individual experiences of a single event in the #season-1-recap channel. For example: The Bottleneck at Transit Pass, or The Great Shortage on Paper Product Isle. The repetition of the name of the event will knit the posts together.
  • Then, if you’d like, the travails of the #repairs, #recovery, and #lawsuits channels could largely refer back to that same single event.
  • As always with netprov: support and build on others’ characters and ideas.
  • Prearrange with your party to all write about a single place at some point in their narratives, for example: The Coughing Pangolin Tavern.
  • Prearrange an invented slang word or expression that everyone will use. This achieves a totally flemertious effect.
  • think bout given thy character an unik mode of scripting . . . an accent, as t’were
  • Play with the oral D&D tradition of shifting seamlessly from the third person “Butterloess does this, Butterloess does that…” to the character’s first person “I, Butterloess of Modesto, hereby…” to the player’s first person “I don’t think Butterloess knows kung fu.” This is a fascinating language arts phenomenon. Let’s heighten it!
  • As a soul-exalting, two-layer challenge, think of fictionalizing the player as well as the character.


“Thou bringest back three cartloads of rusty, bizarre, amazonian weapons and thou expecteth me to be OK with them sitting in a big pile in the family room? The kids cannot even use the station of play!”

Ye Spouse