Netprov = internet improv

… or you you could say Netprov is networked, improvised storytelling in available media.

Netprov is a word we like that describes a multitude of creative storytelling projects people do in available media.

When somebody makes a fake Twitter account of an object or a critter — that is netprov.

When somebody creates a make-believe event  and blogs about it in real time — that is netprov.

When a group of friends pretend to be sports moguls in their fantasy football league — that is netprov.

These kinds of projects crack us up!

And we believe this is an art form.

We ask: how good — how funny, how deep, how moving, how memorable — can netprovs get?


More About Netprov

Netprov: Elements of an Emerging Form, by Mark C. Marino and Rob Wittig

Hyperrhiz 11, Special Issue: Netprov, edited by Mark C. Marino and Rob Wittig

Kate Durbin Interviews Rob Wittig & Mark Marino of “Tempspence”, by Kate Durbin

Netprov—Networked Improv Literature, by Rob Wittig and Mark C. Marino

Our Definition of Netprov

Netprov is networked improv narrative.

Netprov creates stories that are networked, collaborative and improvised in real time.

Netprov uses multiple media simultaneously.

Netprov is collaborative and incorporates participatory contributions from readers.

Netprov is experienced as a performance as it is published; it is read later as a literary archive.

During the performance, netprov projects incorporate breaking news.

Netprov projects use actors to physically enact characters in images, videos and live performance.

Some writer/actors portray the characters they create.

Netprov is usually parodic and satirical.

Some netprov projects require writer/actors and readers to travel to certain locations to seek information, perform actions, and report their activities.

Netprov is designed for episodic and incomplete reading.


Rob Wittig & Mark C. Marino
Meanwhile… netprov studio