Netprov Projects for Online Teaching

Netprov is internet improv.

Netprov is collaborative, roleplay literature in digital media.

Netprov is a fun, creative way to engage students in writing projects online.  Social distancing does not have to mean the end of creative play. Over the coming weeks, we’re going to build out this page with resources and activities from our netprov storehouse!

Here are some ready-to-go netprov creative writing projects perfect for online teaching.

If you have questions, please contact Rob Wittig (rwittig [at] d dot umn dot edu) or Mark C. Marino (markcmarino [at] gmail).

And be sure sign up to join our upcoming major, international netprov “Fantasy Spoils,” which debuts April 6th.

Ready-to-go Netprovs

Netprov TV — a great way to get started with netprov.  It’s easy as watching as live Tweeting a TV show (that you are pretending to watch)

#1WkNoTech (One Week, No Tech) — a hilarious netprov in which you pretend to go a week without technology but post online about every moment of misery!

#fixurl8tiuonship (Fix Your Relationship) — a rich netprov in which you roleplay internet influencers who give (disastrous) relationship advice.

Monstrous Weather — a campfire netprov in which you sit around and tell spooky stories about contemporary bogeymen and frights. 



Here are a couple of helpful articles about Netprov:

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