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Grace, Wit & Charm '21

Grace, Wit & Charm ‘21 is a behind-the-scenes workplace comedy about a company called Grace, Wit & Charm that offers three services to heavy online users. “Grace” helps your avatar move more naturally by using live motion capture dancers, “Wit” ghostwrites jokes for your feeds, texts and chats if you have no sense of humor, and “Charm” is for the shy, helping you conduct relationships of all kinds. As the company says: “Being you is harder than you think!”

Players participate by pretending to be customers who briefly describe problems — whether it be upping their game skills to avoid social rejection, requesting a proxy to attend awkward family video calls, or needing help tele-firing a loyal employee — and then by reviewing how Grace, Wit & Charm’s solutions helped their make-believe character (or didn’t). During the special, April 2021, Grace, Wit & Charm Open House the curtain is lifted and players get to know some hard-working Character Enhancement Agents.

By collaborating in the playspace of this imaginary company you are helping build a collection of short fictions — a group portrait of our mediated lives.

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