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Fantasy Spoils: After the Quest

a netprov,
April 6 – April 30, 2020


Ye Premise

Having just completed the glorious epic saga, Ultimate Final Victory!, you have now returned home to deal with the aftermath.  Gone are the orcs, hobgoblins, and dragons. In their place, you must contend with your wounds, property damages, and ensuing lawsuits.  How will you deal with life here in Muddled Earth after the glorious quest? Are you hero enough to face your most daunting enemy: your own irritation? Because at the end of every epic quest, you will find fantasy spoils!

Fantasy Spoils is a new netprov set in a playful take on the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. However, rather than focusing on glorious bloody battles, this netprov focuses on the not-so-glorious.  

Where: Our platform: Discord, a favorite of gamers.

When: Starting April 6, 2020, and running through April.

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