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Destination Wedding 2070

Nov. 3-Nov. 11, 2019

Destination Wedding 2070 is a futuristic netprov in which you roleplay a family member slogging to a far corner of the globe so you can bicker with relatives, troubleshoot catastrophes, and vent in your secret diary. Oh, and of course — so you can celebrate the blissful union of the happy couple!

Destination Wedding 2070 is a dark comedy about wedding planning 50 years from now, and, spoiler alert: climate change is the ultimate wedding crasher! 

Destination Wedding 2070 aims to make data about climate change more comprehensible. Although climatologists have strong models of the decades to come, they typically share it via graphs and charts.This netprov goes beyond data visualization by bringing the numbers to life in data dramatization as participants experience the effects in a speculative future scenario..

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