Monstrous Weather

a netprov

July 20 — Aug 10, 2016

The Fiction

The week the internet went down, so many of us sat around marveling at the weird weather  and telling scary stories. One story lead to another, all around the world.

Now we are collecting summaries of these stories. Surely you heard some!

Tell us who told the tale, what happens, and how it plays off of real-life weird weather (search it), in 300 words or fewer!

We are not the first to notice that the week the internet went down was exactly 200 years since Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, and Lord Byron, kept indoors by the climate disruption of a distant volcano, sat around and told each other ghost stories. Mary invented Dr. Frankenstein. Byron started the vampire craze.

What new and frightening phantasms will be the product of our own Monstrous Weather?

Among the Players

Jeremy Hight, Davin Heckman, Joellyn Rock, Scott Rettberg, Reed Gaines, Lari Tanner, Damon Loren Baker, Talan Memmott, Cathy Podeszwa, Andrew Klobucar, Evan Schaeur, Jean Sramek, Jeff T. Johnson, Samara Haley Steele, Adam Veal, Alex Mitchell, Mark C. Marino, Rob Wittig … and you!


Getting Started

  1. You’ll need a Google account
  2. Go to the Monstrous Weather Google Group!forum/monstrous-weather-netprov
  3. Read . . . and be terrified!
  4. Ask to join the group
  5. Write!

How to Play

  1. In 300 words or fewer, summarize a scary story somebody told the week the internet was down.
  2. Who told the story? When and where? What happens in their story?
  3. Include one bit of weird weather.
  4. See if your story can reply to another story. Answer, amplify, remix! Or start a new topic with a new story.