I Work For the Web

a netprov

The Big Idea

What if your social media posting and liking, instead of being for fun, was your job?

Or rather, what if you realized that it was work and you just weren’t getting paid for it?

The Story

At the end of March, 2015, RockeHearst Omnipresent Bundlers launched the following viral campaign:


encouraging everyone to Tweet their stories about how great it is to Work for the Web

But the virus caught a cold.

And soon there were parody pages


Which lead to the IWFW (International Web & FaceTwit Workers) movement, rising to demand payment for that unpaid labor. #IWFW became the hashtag for complaining about all the work we do on the Internet for free.  It also became a rallying cry for those who dream of a better way!  Nighthawks, an online watering hole for webworkers, became the site of the union solidarity movement.


And then, something happens the night of April 4th at Nighthawks.  Accounts vary, but it was bad.  Real bad.  Something like the Stonewall Riots or the Sleepy Lagoon Murder.  The union busters were there.  The organizers were there.  And you!


We want to hear from you.

During the week of April 6-13

What do you love or hate about your job?

Will you join the movement or stand by social media corporations?

What happened at Nighthawks the night of April 4?


This is the week the union busting megacorps and the movement agitators will clash head to head in Twitter. You will decide the outcome.