Netprov is networked improv narrative

Netprov is Play-As-You-Go:

Be your high school self in Twitter and join us in behind the gym using the hashtag #ATH15

If you write one tweet for the hashtag, that’s great!

If you feel like creating a character and playing in the storyline, that’s great!

If you do nothing but smile at the concept, that’s great, too!

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Cast and Crew


All of you out there! Thanks so much for playing along!

Featured Players

Sandy Baldwin, Lee Skallerup Bessette, Mez Breeze, Ian Clarkson, Kate Durbin, Leo Flores, Reed Gaines, Arianna Gass, Gabrielle Gilbert, Davin Heckman, Jeremy Hight, Andrew Klobucar, Sarah-Anne Joulie, Skyler Lovelace,  Michael J. Maguire, Talan Memmott,  Stuart Moulthrop, Matt Olin, Cathy Podeszwa,  Joellyn Rock, Chris Rodley, Michael Russo, Raphael Schnee, Chloe Smith, Jean Sramek, Lari Chandler Tanner,  Katie Vandermost, Zach Whalen, Liz Hughes Wiley, James Winchell, Philip Wohlstetter

Special Guests

Mark Amerika, Darren Angle, Kevin McPherson Eckhoff, Cassandra Gillig, The Coup (Boots Riley), Jake Kennedy, Flourish Klink, Heidi Montag, Nick Montfort, Spencer Pratt, The Pistol Shrimps

Hand-Illustrated Type

David Short

All-Time High Concept

Claire Donato, Jeff T. Johnson (Atelier Spatial America)

All-Time High Netprov Runners, Lead Writers

Claire Donato, Jeff T. Johnson, Mark C. Marino, Rob Wittig