culminates: Wed July 29
Ready or not,

here you come!

Take a victory lap through the labyrinthine halls of All-Time High while you wonder what to do when you get back to your so-called life! It’s a week of hyperactive success and failure, returning from the return (back to the future), moving on, existential crises—and a chance to perfect your yearbook quips and finally get your senior quote right.

Nominate yourself or others as Most Likely to Have Succeeded Then Failed Then Broke Even or Will Have Most Likely Been Twitter Famous.

Monday is Rejection Day (#rejectday), when you find out what colleges you won’t be attending, what internships you won’t be getting, and/or get dumped by your #ATH15 boyfriend.

Tuesday you get your #grade. Prank @ATHvice (still a dick!) one last time, then get caught off guard by rogue hormone reboot, accidentally cry and get comforted by him. What movies is your chem instructor showing, now that she’s given up on educating the youth of yesterday and today, and is pretty high on the LSD/MDMA/crank she made? Who’s the valedictorian—and who cares? Which teachers are clearly riding off together into the sunset?

Anything can happen! Maybe @ATHvice finally turns into a giant serpent and swallows his own tail, or tells us what happened to the principal! Maybe one of those fire alarms rings true—can a holographic school burn down? Perhaps we find that school is well and truly out forever, and we’ve invented a new, socially engaged, visionary educational model! Or maybe we have a giant pizza party (complete with giant, interdimensional pizza!)!