a netprov

july 2015

What if everyone was back in high school, including you?

Play the game: leap through a Twitter wormhole to #ATH15, a collaborative lucid dream!

Join us in the halls of All-Time High, either as your former self or an historical figure!

3 Things You Need to Know to Play

  1. Follow @alltimehigh2015 in Twitter for live updates!
  2. Use the hashtag #ATH15
  3. Every week has a theme. Tweet all week and join us for special events every Wednesday in July (11pEDT/ 10pCDT/ 9pMDT/ 8pPDT)

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All-Time High Students Are Tweeting

They mummified me in crepe paper and hung me from the flagpole.

prom promises to be bona drag—meet me at the cemetery gates
– @MozzerHi

I copied Sappho’s homework . . . my paper came back covered in red: ‘Fragment’ ‘Fragment’ ‘Fragment’!
– @depressedadolexent2992874

Latest Hallucinations

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Week One

The Talent Show

Week Two

The Big Game

Week Three

The Big Dance

Week Four


How to Play (Extended Mix)

In All-Time High we find ourselves — our own high-school-aged selves — together at the same high school in July of 2015.

What a nightmare, right?! And yet, what an opportunity. For comedy, if nothing else. And maybe even a bit of redemption.

We play out the differences (generational, geographical, subcultural) and the commonalities (stress, sugar, hormones). We play ourselves, and we can also play additional fictional characters — composites of your former classmates and teachers, or notable former adolescents such as George Washington, Emily Dickinson, Prince, Sherlock Holmes, or Pina Bausch.

Our hallucinatory month of school is loosely hyper-organized around four grand, archetypal high school events — The Talent Show, The Big Game,The Big Dance, Graduation — at which we gather in Twitter for an hour each week.

Before and after these key events each week we fret, we scheme, we debrief, and we form alliances that are just as easily broken. So the drama lasts all week, and you can drop in whenever you feel like roaming the halls of #ATH15 (or hanging out behind the gym with your burnout buddies). Use (or invent!) more specific hashtags to start trends, meet up behind the #gym, flirt, and give @ATHvice (The Vice Principal, that dick!) heck! Or talk behind his back #vice.

Follow @alltimehigh2015 to receive announcements over the PA system. School’s in for summer!

Spotify Soundtrack: Let's Listen Together!

Contribute music to our collaborative list of the songs of our School Daze!

Heard in the Halls

This 18th century midwife in my Algebra II gave me a GREAT cure for acne! Downside: u need a live frog
– @unbearablerightness

How the devil did I get here? And what on earth is “AP Bio?”
– @thereal_Charles_Darwin

it was hard enough to choose a hairstyle in my other school! now I have 1,000s to pick from Agggggh!

Omigod I look so young!
– @methuselah_official

How exactly did I get a B- on my “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” paper?
— @Virgina_Woolf_01

The Infrastructural Metaphysics of All-Time High Campus Architecture

We asked our resident speculative archeological designers Atelier Spatial America to give a brief on ATH15 campus construction, and they dropped a micro-lecture on us. Sorry! Enjoy!

As we transport our high school selves (and other avatars) to All-Time High 2015, we reboot hormonal systems and reanimate adolescent hopes and fears, but we also bring architectural surrounds with us.

Speculative architects Arakawa & Gins write: “An architectural surround’s features: its boundaries and all objects and persons within it.” These include the walls and floors around you, all the spaces that set the scene for your memories. Those spaces are defined as well by the people (and socio-cultural context) you encountered there.

We import these cultural and architectural surrounds and add them to the educational complex of All-Time High. The halls have memories and memories have halls, and ATH15’s architecture is a composite of the surrounds each and all of us assemble as we build the netprov. Arakawa & Gins: “Moving within an architectural surround, a person fashions an evolving matrix, an architectural surround not entirely of her own making.”

This also means we have a holographic and highly pliable world that can reorganize itself around pretty much anything that happens—burn it down and it flickers back. If we remain cognizant of this holographic frankenbuilding, this ever-shifting funhouse labyrinth, together we can explore this architectural surround—like collaborative lucid dreaming.